3 Requirements for the mobile wallet

IE successfully wants to develop a mobile wallet, has to offer more than a payment solution alone, says PayPal.
Like many other technology companies, the US PayPal, which is part of eBay, is hoping to take a bite out of the mobile payments market. Of the 145 billion in payments the company processed in 2012 worldwide, 9.7 percent went through mobile devices, including tablets. Eelco van Wijk, managing director of the Netherlands and Belgium at PayPal, says that smartphones and tablets have an equally large share of the processed transactions. ' And these percentages do not differ much in the Netherlands. You can find some mobile wallet for ios in this post.

1.1 billion euro in 2017
However, the Netherlands is lagging behind compared to some other European countries, according to research that Forrester did on behalf of PayPal. 10% of the Dutch bought a product or service on the mobile phone in 2012. This can also be a digital product or service, such as software. In 2011, that percentage was 7%. Compared to some other European countries, the Netherlands is lagging behind, despite the high adoption of smartphones: in 2012, 18 percent of the Swedes bought something on the smartphone and 15 percent of Italians, Englishmen, and Germans. Forrester says that total Dutch m-commerce sales came to 112 million at the end of 2012 and that this amount will rise to 1.1 billion euros over 2017.

Mobile as an argument
PayPal says in the Netherlands to have a more significant market share on mobile than in all online solutions together, without mentioning specific figures. The difference has to do with the dominance of ideal on the ' ordinary ' web, says van Wijk: ' Ideal is absent on mobile phones, which is one of the reasons why we have a more significant market share in mobile. Often, mobile is an additional argument for companies to use PayPal solutions. In this way, home delivery got a real interest when we got a mobile solution. Since today, Hema is a customer, and there was also the most important argument. Big player Bol.com does not offer the option to pay via PayPal. Early this year, we predicted that Ahold would come with its mobile payment solution, but nothing is known about that.

We have been writing a lot and often about the mobile revolution over the past few months. Read the background story about the rise of mobile, or see how several large Dutch companies have embraced the channel. The term ' solution ' is not used for anything: In fact, all active companies see a future in which the mobile phone becomes a full wallet. Van Wijk is: ' We should not come up with a replacement of regular means of payment. Pins are already efficient in the Netherlands, and we cannot improve that process. What we can tackle is the full wallet of consumers. If we want to be successful in the future, then we must offer more than a payment solution alone. ' That agrees Thomas Hamza from Forrester: ' The odds of mobile are not only in transactions but also in related services. ' Where is this added value? According to Van Wijk in the following points:

#1. Price transparency
The consumer wants the best price. Mobile phones are an ideal tool: it can be viewed anytime, anywhere, or the consumer has no more intriguing offer. PayPal mentions Price comparisons or scanners as an example, such as the Amazon.com.

#2. Speed
The consumer wants to have something as fast as possible. Coolblue plays a role in this with the service Vandaagnog, where you get an order – indeed – still delivered today when ordering for three hours. Consumers need to pay 11.95 euros extra if they want to receive a package on the day itself. PayPal itself is experimenting with the eBay Now app in San Francisco, where customers receive their order within the hour – wherever they are.

#3. Discount
Van Wijk: ' The most popular Facebook pages, other than those of parties like Ajax Football club, are turning to the rebate. Holiday auctions, for example, has 363,000 likes, although of course, it remains unclear what the value of a like IS. Van Wijk also mentions Groupon, despite the negative attention that the company has received, the popularity of the Kortingscouponnen continues to grow, according to the PayPal director.


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